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The ZEPRESSO TREND is a new generation coffee machine for encapsulated hot and cold beverages. The sublime all-round designs are made with refined materials and targeted accents. State of the art technologies ensure that the wide variety of specialty drinks, from coffee or tea always impress with their quality. The machine is easy to operate and ready to prepare your next choice of hot or cold drink in no time.

Trendy design and innovative technology for people who demand the highest standards!

Upgrade your daily routine with the Zepresso line of coffee machines and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee or tea.


Unlocking the unique flavours within the world’s finest coffee beans begins in the roasting process. We selected the finest coffee beans originating from the best coffee growing regions, roasted them using traditional roasting methods and encapsulated these unique flavours so that you can enjoy them day after day. 

Our coffee selection ensures an exquisite burst of flavour with every cup. Boasting an intense blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, they’re presented in a box of 10 capsules that are also compatible with Nespresso® machines. Identify and satisfy your needs /cravings by choosing from 5 different types of coffees.


Refined Flavours

A blend defined by a smooth taste where Arabica flavors dominate and match with slightly bitter hints of Robusta. AROMA seduces with notes of coffee and chocolate, enriching its generous creamy taste. A delightful soft mix of 85% Robusta beans, handpicked from the fields of India and Indonesia and 15% Arabica from the high hills of the Santos region in Brazil.


Lush and silky taste

A specially selected Arabica-Robusta blend gives this coffee a particularly expressive note – completed with velvety-smooth Crema on top. A composition of 60% Robusta beans grown in Vietnam with low acidity and high bitterness, combined with 40% Arabica beans from Brazil, offer this espresso a strong body and a vibrant aroma. It is rounded off by a fruity and long-lasting aftertaste.


Gentle but intense

What makes the Lungo so irreplaceable is its equal caffeine content to a regular espresso, with the pleasure of a longer drinking time. A blend with a full and aromatic flavor, made of the highest-quality Arabica beans from Brazil and India, and the best coffee from Uganda and Tanzania. If you’re looking to enjoy your espresso for as long as possible, the Zepresso Lungo will be your favourite beverage.



Italiano Vero

Enjoy this well-known short coffee from the comfort of your own home. Ristretto is a coffee type originating in Milan, that can be enjoyed in a single bracing mouthful. It is characterized by a dense, hazelnut-brown layer of foam – the Crema – which intensifies its aroma. Ristretto offers the heaviest shot, thickest texture and finest flavor that coffee has to offer. Its acidity gives the Ristretto coffee a long-lasting aftertaste of chocolate. The Arabica beans sourced from the high hills of the Santos region in Brazil display their richly aromatic, sweet and slightly acidulous flavour in perfect harmony with the chocolaty flavour and persistent aftertaste of the Robusta beans from Indonesia.


Soft Balance

Whether it’s morning or night, you have the option of enjoying your favorite coffee without the caffeine. The Decaffeinato blend has less than 0.1% caffeine and is a full flavoured Lungo coffee with a pleasant intensity and a slight sourness that is replaced in the aftertaste with grain-like aromas. This blend, sourced from beans found in the Santos region of southern Brazil, is rich in taste and smooth on your palate.




Our finely selected tea blends

In fast-paced society, most of us can hardly find the time for a quiet alone moment. To recapture the fine art of drinking tea we have selected delicious blends and packed them into capsules, each containing the perfect amount of freshly picked top quality tea.

Zepresso Trend brews the perfect cup of tea full of aroma and flavour!

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1001 Nights tea stories

Dive into the mysterious world of Middle Eastern tea culture and enjoy the unique taste of Green Tea Marrakesh. The green tea aroma is perfectly balanced with minty and citrusy flavours, which give a fresh and fruity taste.

This tea is one of four blends, chosen for their healthy ingredients and healing properties.


Lemony & tasty

Our Earl Grey tea consists of a blend of the finest black teas from India with a fresh citrusy flavour. The dried tea leaves used are delightfully fragrant and offer a memorable burst of aroma.

Characterized by its light color, the fruity and fragrant citrus flavor of this tea makes for a great iced drink. Extremely flavorful and distinctly subtle, an excellent option to enjoy cold on hot summer days or hot on cold dark winter evenings.


Healing delight

Rooibos tea has found itself among the most popular tea types in recent years, however few know of it’s special healing powers. It is believed that it can slow down the aging process, due to its lack of caffeine and the fact that it’s low in tannins and rich in antioxidants.

Rooibos tea can also be used to prevent allergies, due to its simulation of allergy fighting enzymes.This true miracle of nature will completely delight you.

green tea jasmin

Aroma therapy for body & soul

The origin of jasmine green tea dates back to the Chinese Song Dynasty (960- 1279). A fragrant tea with a long tradition, it’s one of the most popular teas in the world today.

Green tea has bioactive compounds that have different health benefits. It contains polyphenols which reduce inflammation, as well as large amounts of catechin, a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage.

The stylish new Zepresso Trend GOLD is perfect 
for the more traditional, classy and refined taste.

The joyful new Zepresso Trend MONDRIAN suits the free, eccentric and outgoing taste.

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